The Great Galactic Census

26th of June, 3304 - 17th of July, 3304

The Great Galactic Census is an event featuring the player minor factions in Elite Dangerous. Technically it is a statistical record and analyses of the population of PMF systems and supporters of these factions along with system statistics. However it serves a significantly broader range of goals and purposes in-game as well as supporting the game and it's community. You can read about the goals of the census in a nutshell in our infogram.

Even better you can gain insight into the census in the context of Elite Dangerous history from the The Great Galactic Census Motion Picture. The CEO of SSL Interstellar PLC has given an interview on The Great Galactic Census informing the public about the views and motives of the company regarding the census.

There is also a text version of the TGGC Motion Picture promoting the interests of Galactic Citizens. You can read the interim results of the census here, final results will be published after the sampling phase of the census will be completed in the 17th of July, 3304.

Entries from player minor factions are accepted in the sampling phase. If your appetite is already whet for joining the census with your player minor faction you can submit your entry in this form, but before you do that please have a look at the FAQ containing important information on setting the sampling date, taking a sample within a single BGS tick and obtaining your faction's consent.

The topic on the science, art and history of the Theta Region and SSL Interstellar PLC provides an overview of the host of the Great Galactic Census, including the activities and management procedures and infrastructure of the faction. More importantly this topic collects some of the contributions of SSL and it's members to the science, art, development, security and the community of the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

Last, but not least stay tuned to a mid-census virtual event for player factions of Elite Dangerous. These player factions manage half of the inhabited systems of the Milky Way in Elite Dangerous and challenge the dangers of the Universe day after day, so they deserve the recognition and their actions and activities deserve publicity.

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For the Great Galactic Census

The sampling period is now over for the 3304. census, but we still expect your factions story for the Factions in Focus event (see Faction Event in the navigation bar above). You can check the results below including an unofficial station statistics page. Thank you for your participations and we are looking forward to your entry in 3305.

If you are ready to submit the entry of your faction you can do it by the following form. You don't actually need to submit data. All you have to do is to ensure that the popular EDDB is up-to-date about the influence data of your faction's systems (up-to-date also means that all your systems are updated in the same -generally the last- background simulation tick) and submit your faction and sampling data.

Are you ready?

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The Great Galactic Census

Motion picture

The Milky Way: a galaxy, home of countless unique stars and a whole host of enthralling miracles. Wonders referred to as natural phenomena but we barely start to understand the complexity of laws and interactions behind them. The cradle of Humankind.

Humanity set forth it's epic journey full of detours and doubles far in the ancient past.We paid dearly for our mistakes and sins against the galaxy and planets embracing us. Our acts against sentient species sharing this small region of the vast universe with us took their heavy toll on Humanity as well. Selfish conflicts and techniques for power as an end in itself were deliberately confused with fostering competition and coordination, functions in fact crucial for furthering our development.

A Census for civilians and our civilisation

Interview with the CEO of SSL Interstellar PLC

Theta Region Articles on Popular Science Special:

First of all let me thank you for this interview. Rarely does a CEO of a company governing dozens of starsystems offer an interview for a science journal on a matter that could be considered by many as being of chiefly of scientific interest. This is just as unusual than the initiative to organize a galaxy-wide census, a project with an astrographic scope well beyond the region of operations of your company. What is the driving force that made SSL to launch this initiative?

Matt Corwen:

Humankind has come a long way from the beginnings of our ancient history. We learned to survive in adverse conditions, acquired an in depth knowledge of natural and economic sciences. We managed to colonize space, learned to combat outbreaks, now we can control economic cycles and provide our citizens with their needs, including food and shelter. Yet we have to witness famines, outbreaks, busts. All these should only appear in our history books.

If we have the knowledge to overcome all these but...

Interim results

of the great galactic census


and it's still counting...

What are those various census results?

Official (interim) results are population and system statistics of factions who submitted their sampling forms to be included in the Great Galactic Census. Unofficial result sum up the statistics of all known player factions using data in EDDB submitted by various commanders updating the EDDB while roaming the galaxy. The latter will be more complete (in terms of featured factions) though less accurate as the sampling did not occur at a given tick (date/time), but rather in an arbitrary random period and there is no quality check on the data and it's completeness.

  • The Great Galactic Census Official Results check results
  • The Great Galactic Census Official Results (exact values) check results
  • The Great Galactic Census Unofficial Results check results
  • The Great Galactic Census Unofficial Results (exact values) check results

Hosts of the great galactic census

A brief introduction of SSL Interstellar PLC and Theta Region Information Services

The Sons of Seven Lords Interstellar PLC is a company that preserves rich cultural, scientific and art heritage of many millennia. SSL uses, enhances and improves this asset to make the Milky Way a safe and prospering home for the Citizens of the Galaxy.

The SSL Interstellar PLC is a company: we believe that the drive for efficient allocation of resources to get the most value added for business partners and shareholders alike and the constant pressure to adjust to market demand makes a successful yet value and principle driven business community the most adept possible entity to manage systems and serve their communities.

SSL Interstellar PLC is a meritocratic enterprise where advancement and rewards are based on the contribution of individual members and commanders to the prosperity of the Theta Region and the Galaxy. Research and exploration, furthering and application of the latest developments of science is a core element of our efforts to mobilize untapped resources and potentials to serve the Theta Region and Humankind more efficiently.

Human talent is our most important asset so we encourage and support our citizens to fully deploy their talents in those fields they choose as their career or mission. This atmosphere contributed to the blooming of arts and the significant advancement of science in the Theta Region.