Player Factions in the Focus

Census Celebrates Player Factions: A glimpse to the rich lore and activities of player minor factions for the broader Elite Dangerous community

A side-by-side event of The Great Galactic Census

17th of July, 3304 - 31th of July, 3304

Coordinating commanders' activities towards a priority or a set of goals selected from a wide range of activities, strategic planning, diplomacy, research, security, art, technical sports, information service, rescue or converting the galaxy to reflect selected ideals: this wealth of content is provided by player minor factions operating in the fantastic open world of Elite Dangerous. Some of the factions are in the highlight, some prefer to operate in the shadows. Now is a great time to celebrate or introduce them to those commanders who seek a long term career that fits the ideals or opportunities offered by the faction.

Enter the Player Factions in the Focus

There are more than 1300 player factions shaping the Elite Dangerous Galaxy. According to the best data available in 3304.07.17. home systems of 2 857 billion citizens, half of the known population of the Milky Way host a player faction (PMF). Of the known 20 478 populated systems 6 013 is also a home of at least one PMF. These numbers alone prove that player factions have a substantial influence on the Galaxy and the game. With an average of 4.5 systems per faction (with the sample including new factions starting out with a single system) it is also apparent that most factions have an active territorial policy.

Player faction activities require daily monitoring of systems, steering and organizing commanders' efforts towards common goals, researching the mechanics of the Background Simulation. Many factions are developing their information infrastructure to support their increasingly complex operations. As player factions are bound to cooperate in Elite Dangerous extensive diplomacy networks were established with various groups, levels of power and umbrella organizations. Various strategies are evolving and bring more diversity to the gameplay from service and support factions to regional governments, coordinating and military units. PMF management demands continuous efforts, daily activities to carry out strategies and adjust factors that might otherwise hinder progress in planned activities.

The Great Galactic Census might be a tool that helps to focus the attention to this emergent aspect of Elite Dangerous mobilizing more and more Commanders finding their long term mission in this fantastic sandbox. It is also a great opportunity to introduce player minor factions to those Commanders not yet familiar with this aspect of the game. They might also find factions an interesting area to explore. In addition, they are part of shaping the fate of player minor factions already as all (or at least most of) their activities affect the background simulation and player factions. With the upcoming Squadrons this year it is an excellent time to familiarize with the player groups and dynamics.

Last, but not least this is a great opportunity to support Frontier Development in their efforts of continually enhance the Background Simulation and player faction content. This might be an event to encourage integration between squadrons and Player Minor Factions, to bring some more of the diversity PMFs offer to the game and to keep the progressive tradition of the continuous improvement of the BGS discussed with active player groups.

So what is the mid-census virtual event about? It is about your faction! Send us a story that your faction was involved in! Tell us about how you manage the challenges of monitoring, organization and feedback! Send an illustrated message, a video or just a short text. It will be part of the census to celebrate your faction and the Player Minor Factions, an exciting and diverse community in Elite Dangerous.

Technical details of submission: Please send us a plain text version of your faction's story or introduction together with images or links to videos. Please enclose titles in [title][/title] or [subtitle] [/subtitle] notation and include the exact name of the faction on the top enclosed in [name] [/name]. Please send a logo if available that preferably fits in a 500x500 pixel box. (It will be displayed in this page below.) A lossless format (png is a great example) and a transparent background are also preferred, filename should start with logo. Please indicate preferred placement of images and videos by enclosing the filename/url in {} at the end of the paragraph those belong to. You can send the text and image files packed or unpacked in email to or you can use safe large file email sites to send your files to this address.

(Naturally only submissions that does not contain explicit or offensive materials or does not raise legal issues according to our understanding will be displayed. We have no means to check the submitted materials for legal issues.)