Mercenaries of Mikunn

(Preliminary content) Pioneers of the Colonies, founding members of the Border Coalition

Brothers with a vision, brothers with the resolve

Looking outward towards the galactic core

(Preliminary content) The Mercenaries of Mikunn is a pioneering faction hailing from the Mikunn system and the ever growing sphere of influence around it. The Mercs of Mikunn is composed of many ex-veterans who flocked to Tiberius' cause, their leader, one of the brothers leading the Dukes of Mikunn. As one of the factions overseeing the largest territory and a founding member of Border Coalition their influence on galactic politics is undeniable.

Hailing from Mikunn, a system with only 1196 inhabitants, the two brothers Tiberius and Caius, quickly took economic control of their star cluster from the local corporate group known as Dynamic Commodities by monopolizing the extraction market. Since then, they have continued to build up a sphere of influence in their region through investment and acquisition, leveraging these assets against local leaders to build a minor empire of independent worlds in a feudalistic manner earning them the nickname "The Dukes of Mikunn". The worlds governed by Mikunn have similarities in culture to the Empire, which isnt unexpected since that is where the two leaders were born. Moreover, despite being classified as feudal, the Dukes' emphasize the working man while simultaneously curtailing the use of slavery, creating a strong middle class.

The older brother Tiberius is an ex-soldier of the empire where his younger brother Caius is a scholar and businessman. A populist and staunch supporter of the people, Tiberius tends to ride roughshod through political convention whereas Caius's approach tends to be silkshod - at least on the surface. The two brothers operate two sub factions independent from one another - the Mercs of Mikunn and the Guild of Sefrys. Of these factions, only the Dukes of Mikunn and the Mercs of Mikunn are under the protection of the Border Coalition treaty which will be mentioned later.

History of the Mercs of Mikunn

The Mercs of Mikunn are composed of many ex-veterans, especially Imperials who flocked to Tiberius' cause. Instead of a standing army, the domain around Mikunn is largely protected by independent bands of soldiers for hire who are given assignments at local mercenary hubs. Some of these hubs can get absurdly large as businesses flock to the area to make money off of the recently paid mercs. The mega military complex Mercenary's Respite is one such example. Tiberius largely dominates the direction of these pilots for hire through the mercenary hubs and bounty boards.

As the activities in the Mikunn region attracted media attention from the beginning there are several pieces documenting the achievements and history of the Mercenaries of Mikunn.

Blaze Their Trail documents the emergence of the Dukes of Mikunn. Originally a minor house in the Empire setting a foothold on a system in the periphery of the inhabited regions to start a mining operation set their horizons to bring stability to the broader sector neglected by large powers.

Rise to Power is call to unite for development of the exploited outer colonies by Mercs of Mikunn, the faction governing a large shere of influence once established to secure of the operations and territories of the emerging Dukes of Mikunn.

Wayward Sun Is a reflection of Human history in the context of exploration and pioneering and a motivation to focus on our future instead of our fears.