A Brief Introduction of SSL Interstellar PLC and Theta Region Information Services

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History, Art and Science in the Theta Region

SSL Interstellar PLC: A Corporation for Citizens of the Galaxy

The Sons of Seven Lords Interstellar PLC is a corporation that preserves rich cultural, scientific and art heritage of many millennia. SSL uses, enhances and improves this asset to make the Milky Way a safe and prospering home for the Citizens of the Galaxy.

The SSL Interstellar PLC is a company: we believe that the drive for efficient allocation of resources to get the most value added for business partners and shareholders alike and the constant pressure to adjust to market demand makes a successful yet value and principle driven business community the most adept possible entity to manage systems and serve their communities.

SSL Interstellar PLC is a meritocratic enterprise where advancement and rewards are based on the contribution of individual members and commanders to the prosperity of the Theta Region and the Galaxy. Research and exploration, furthering and application of the latest developments of science is a core element of our efforts to mobilize untapped resources and potentials to serve the Theta Region and Humankind more efficiently. Human talent is our most important asset so we encourage and support our citizens to fully deploy their talents in those fields they choose as their career or mission. This atmosphere contributed to the blooming of arts and the significant advancement of science in the Theta Region.

Art in SSL Interstellar PLC and the Theta Region

Art inevitably is one of our focus areas in our mission to make Theta Region a home. Art is an integral part of the aesthetics of our living environment that is a definitive element of the inspiration our citizens might draw on and also a substantial element of their well being.

Matt The Raven Corwen portrait

Fine arts have their strong tradition in the core cultural community that established the SSL Interstellar PLC. A fine example of this is the portrait of Matt "The Raven" Corwen published at his election as the CEO of SSL by the Board of Trustees. The portrait painted by CMDR Araen of SSL displays the CEO with features and the essence of a dedicated manager and a statesmen. The portray were spotted in the room of a popular media personaly or collections of leaders' portraits.

Gladiator-theme mug

CMDR Araen's popularity even beyond the Theta Region is well characterized by the display of her "Gladiator-theme mug" as a prized part in the collection of a renown public opinion leader of the Galaxy. The original piece was prepared to the "R-type challenge" episode of the show enjoying a Galaxy-wide popularity with the title of "Educating Ed". (The showman also shared the pictures of his prize featuring both the front and the back of this unique item featuring the poster.)

retro style poster

She also had a major contribution to a trigger a new era of retro style posters featuring contemporary events and technology with pieces like the Discover the Infinite Freedom featuring an Asp Explorer.

SSL decal concept art

Technology is central to our everyday life and therefore applied art connected to technology is popular in the Theta Region. SSL community and ship technology are featured in CMDR Slewer's early SSL Decal concept art. He also designed an SSL paint and decal combination to the popular Federal Assault Ship and the Imperial Courier.


Comics is a popular format in the Theta Region. There were successful contests organized for comics artists. CMDR Hawkyn visualized his story of a rogue pilot seeking meaningful life and contribution to the progress of Humankind instead of exploiting others as ordered by his superiors in this format.

The Mining in the government's land by CMDR Verminus is a brilliant display of the interaction of the environment and technology due to complexity of needs and perceptions of Humankind, society and the drive of the individual to thrive.

Kaleidoscope is a magical glimpse to the aesthetics of complex astrophysics as displayed by Elite Dangerous commemorating one of the greatest theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Steven Hawkwing. It features the gravitational singularity theorem in action as a piece of art.

CMDR Phoebia is a talented and prolific artist who regularly makes his wide follower base rejoice over his insightful videos. ROE is CMDR Phoebia's photonic tribute to the spectacular lighting and effects of Elite Dangerous via a cinematic combat scene.

crashed DBX on a terraformed planet

While we are waiting for confirmation that our vessels are capable to land on atmospheric planets, CMDR Verminus have already proved that crash landing on planets with atmosphere-dependent life is possible. He documented the unsuccessful research mission of Edgard Francis who is still under investigation of misconduct while taking care of company property.

SSL is striving for peace and development, we seek diplomatic solutions where some others seek conflict. CMDR Phoebia makes viewers to face the harsh reality and consequences of war without the thrills of fight scenes or motivational narration in his eye-opening piece called Turmoil.

Crematoria by CMDR Phoebia is a tribute to all those working or researching in hostile environmental conditions and a reminder of how humble we are facing the wonders and natural phenomena of the Galaxy.

Banda in arms! Do not waver,
She needs you now! Now or never.
Be a serf or be shareholder,
Fate fell today on your shoulder.
We swear on the pristine rings of Tawilo,
That serfdom under our stars is no more!

Poems are also popular in the Theta region. An unknown poet adapted a prehistoric poem to address a current threat and to mobilize fans of literature to extend their poetic love in the form of heated plasma for all those threatening their homeland.

Jameson is an video that brings history closer to people and signifies how it can contribute to our future. It is a piece of an art of a man who ultimately did not come home, a man whose best intentions and self sacrifice was exploited to make him commit something he was against of.

Science in SSL Interstellar PLC and the Explorers

of the Theta Region

Science is a core element of the operation and success of the SSL Interstellar PLC and is a key of the prosperity of the Theta Region. SSL encourages all citizens to pursue a career in science and supports everyone who takes that path with an exceptional institutional and information framework.

Theta Region Information Services

To provide an efficient and inspiring framework for research in the Theta Region SSL founded the Theta Region Information Services (TRIS). TRIS is legally a subsidiary of SSL Interstellar PLC that has the mandate, policy and a mutually binding commitment to operate as an independent research entity. Major research fields of TRIS are history, including science and cultural history, astrography, interplanetary economics and management, systems modelling and methodologies and finally social effects and influence dynamics of economic, security and research policies and operations.

Theta Region Citizens as well as SSL and TRIS commanders have their substantial contribution to scientific research, competitions and exploration in the framework of third party institutions and initiatives and within TRIS as well.

Theta Region Information Services

Two senior research fellows of TRIS, CMDR Imrus76 and CMDR Oriza were the first to resolve the Billionaires Treasure Hunt, the seemingly almost-impossible-to-resolve series of riddles by an eccentric billionaire.

Theta Region Information Services

CMDR Phoebia had a significant contribution to scientific research and dissemination of results with responding the call of engineer Ram Tah and incorporating the findings of Cannonn and other researchers and his own in this Complete reference of the Guardian ruins.

CMDR Verminus documented a High Speed Moon proving that art and science can be intertwined.

CMDR Phoebia was the first researcher to find and document the INRA base that was the 10th one brought to the attention of galactic citizens.

Theta Region Information Services

Lord Titus was a pioneering explorer in both SSL and the contemoporary Galaxy. In addition to his achievements in exploration he is also acclaimed as an astrophotographer.. His works were featured not only in local news but in newsletters available in the whole Human inhabited region. His known works showcase nebulae, planets and galaxies and the vibrant colours of galactic phenomena.

Several SSL Commanders participated in most great exploration expeditions. One of the first such initiatives was commemorated by this message commending the 7th SSL Commander to reach Sagittarius A in an expedition well before engineers, neutron highways and synthesis.

SSL Efforts

to Make the Milky Way a Safe and Prospering Home of Humanity

SSL is company dedicated to make the Milky Way a safe and prospering home for Humankind. Extending the services of SSL to the Theta Region is not the only way we pursue that mission.


Through establishing diplomatic ties to several partner factions or powers sharing our goals or region of space we aim to safeguard stability of the region and foster cooperation to bring prosperity beyond our borders. Open communication and dependable partnership are among our core values in diplomacy.


SSL is not content with the state of Galaxy in terms of the still insufficient level of cooperation in a range of areas including civil protection. Although we consider the setup of a cooperation platform in this field including all factions essential, SSL does make all efforts possible to help those exposed to threats and crisis.

SSL deployed a fleet synchronized with Border Coalition (responding to the initiative of The Winged Hussars) to supply Obsidian Orbital with the necessary materials and technologies to be repaired following the Thargoid attack.

Even in it's early days SSL responded promptly in an escalating conflict supporting BBC to make the Munfayl region a safe home for it's inhabitants.

Traditions, Customs and Politics in the Theta Region

As the previously described company credo suggests it, the most important tool of SSL Interstellar PLC to contribute to galactic politics is by setting an example for governments and corporations as well as to extend it's services and the security of the Theta Region to more of the Citizens of the galaxy.

Another key commitment of SSL with an extraterritorial effect is to serve as an important factor of stability in the Theta and the wider region. That said SSL is active in galactic politics and actively participates in the discussions. Although not all of the statements and communiqués of SSL are available in most languages of the Galaxy, an important and timely statement of CEO Corwen can be found in the following section. One of our strong cultural traditions we cherish is that we don't collect or store personal data that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person outside employee records. Although custom dates back to two millennia and might be perceived by some as outdated we still nurture it as it is a part of our heritage.

SSL HQ Foreign Policy News:

Matt "The Raven" Corwen Comments on the Latest Developments in Thargoid Research and Consecutive Responses, a Call for Establishing a Galactic Civil Protection Framework

Matt "The Raven" Corwen issued a statement on the latest developments in Thargoid related galactic events. It follows the recap of the events by editors of Theta Region Articles in Popular Science (TRAPS).

According to the announcement of the renown engineer, Ram Tah, the Guardian sources subject of his research suggested that the Guardians were attempting to negotiate with the Thargoids without success and a conflict escalated due to the claims of the Thargoids originating in pre-Guardian times to the region of space the Guardians inhabited. Tah also hypothesized that guardian weapons were ultimately successful in repelling the Thargoid attack.

The IGO called Aegis also commented on Tah's findings. The organization cannot be charged with impartiality in Thargoid matters (as seen by TRAPS editors) as it probably played an important role in provoking the Thargoid attacks that affect Humanity while they seemed to be solely aimed at Aegis. According to the far reaching conjecture of Aegis the goal of Thargoids is to remove Humankind from the space they claim as their own. (1)

Powers operating Aegis jointly while maintaining the public perception of being in conflict with each other were not hesitant to react to the announcement neither.

Zachary Hudson flashed an announcement probably with the aim of proving his qualities of a true warmonger stating the following: "It is now clear that there is no reasoning with this alien menace. The Federation remains dedicated to wiping out any threat to our citizens." (2)

Imperial Admiral Denton Patreus made a more temperate response focusing on defense but still expecting an escalating conflict: "This new information makes it clear that the Thargoids will reject any diplomatic overtures. We must redouble our efforts to defend ourselves from their antagonism."

Meanwhile Aegis presence in systems of factions not parties in the conflict resulted in consecutive human tragedies. One of the affected governments from the conflict region, Sirius Inc. responded to the events in a dramatic statement (3): "Glazkov Terminal, a tourism station owned and operated by Sirius Inc, has been unexpectedly attacked by thargoids... This attack came just 48 hours after Aegis sent the Acropolis megaship to Irandan, along with an Eagle Eye. Aegis has used this Eagle Eye to lure thargoids to the system."

Furthermore Sirius spokesperson stated that "to Sirius Inc, this is just further proof that Aegis is not a friend of humanity. They claim to be studying the thargoids and that may well be true, but they are so twisted in their mindset that they don't mind luring thargoids to attack civilian stations."

Matt "The Raven" Corwen, CEO of SSL Interstellar PLC issued a statement about the developments that might signal a turning point in our history: Recent attacks threatening with a humanitarian catastrophe and civil casualties might drastically change the future of Humankind. To build a safe future in human inhabited regions of the Galaxy resolution alone is not sufficient. Sober judgment and attention to facts are just as essential. Most importantly all decision makers should represent the interest of Humankind first and foremost instead of considering the interests of power in the first place.

Latest results of the research on the Guardian- Thargoid conflict are invaluable. The research that gives insight on an important period in galactic history from the aspect of a conflicting party reveals perceived or real motives of parties. It helps us to get a better understanding of these parties and the history and it provides valuable input for diplomacy. These results warn us that an escalating conflict cannot be ruled out, as we painfully learned it from our own history, but we might also be assured that efforts to strengthen our defense can be successful in a worst case scenario. This valuable piece of new information obliges all decision makers to intensify efforts to strengthen defense capacities.

Seeking conflict, however, would be an act of a monumental folly that would expose billions of civilians to an expanding war. It would convert our economic output to destruction instead of development, ultimately making our economic base to bleed out. Yet observing the developments following our latest encounter with the Thargoids it seems that leading politicians of major powers are looking for just that.

Events in numerous Human- Thargoid encounters lately in fact did not support the picture of Thargoids as blodthirsty aliens driven by survival instincts. In fact Humans damaged Thargoid structures and attacked Thargoid ships first. A race driven by instincts would have responded to such acts with a strike, but even the defensive reactions of the Thargoids were limited to the area of the attack and the attackers.

On the other hand by virtue of the Thargoid-Guardian research human inhabitants of the Galaxy now know more about the Guardians or Thargoids than of the Aegis. This organization shrouded in mystery contacted Thargoids in an unknown way and become the only target of their attacks so far. This could be considered as a confined conflict between Thargoids and a well defined Human group. It is hard to form an opinion on this conflict until we get acquainted with it's motives and events in detail. It became clear by now however, that an organization operated by major powers consciously exposed civilian space stations and systems to Thargoid attacks. The Thargoids' targets did not change: it was Aegis that inserted known military targets into a civil territory. The expansion of the conflict was not done by Thargoids.

It is hard to believe that major powers cannot place high risk military installations to adequately defended military bases. It is hard to understand when a high official of a major power sends a message to a specie allegedly led by strong survival instincts about "wiping out". It is hard to comprehend how an Aegis leader can still be in charge of leading the organization when he tries to make Thargoids' actions out to be an attack against the whole Humanity while he uses the civilian population of systems exposed to Thargoid attack by Aegis as human shields to avoid responsibility.

Meanwhile there is still no sign of increased civil protection preparedness in affected and potentially affected regions. It is even not mentioned by leaders or news. In the core areas of the crisis rescue operations of the Pilots Federation are the only albeit ex-post measures to alleviate the crisis. Preventive (ex ante) measures and preparedness are two areas where the significant economic, logistics and human resources of major powers would really be needed, but the civilian inhabitants of the conflict areas could only rely on independent civilian disaster recovery.

I hereby call on the leaders of the Galaxy to seek a solution in this historic moment that serves the safety of Humankind. Do not seek conflict: no one gains in a war between species. Efforts to improve defensive capabilities should not be weakened but provocative measures should be abandoned. Aegis installations should be removed from civilian areas immediately. Major powers should play at least as significant role in establishing a civil protection agency consistent in its capacities with the severity of the current and the potential crisis as in the establishment of Aegis.

SSL Interstellar PLC is dedicated to and actively pursues all possible and realistic efforts to prevent, contain and mitigate the damages of the conflict. We make the necessary steps to prevent our Citizens from being exposed to dangers and we are prepared to handle potential adverse events in our region of operation. As resources and possibilities allow we do our best to support regions and their citizens currently suffering from the Thargoid conflict. We did that by mobilizing to the initiative of The Winged Hussars and joining a Border Coalition fleet deployment to reconstruct Obsidian Orbital. We will do that to help the citizens and regions of Sirius Inc or other factions dragged to this conflict unwillingly.

This turning point of history demands calm and prudent consideration, sacrifices and cooperation. The future of Humankind is determined by whether we build our response to the Thargoid challenge on our shortcomings: short temper, greed for power and avoiding responsibility or our actions will be based on our merits instead: wisdom, our ability to learn and improve, cooperation and our dedication to Humankind.

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SSL Interstellar PLC:

The Community and the Minor Faction


SSL Interstellar PLC has a strong, dedicated and disciplined community. The Sons of Seven Lords Interstellar PLC was formed by elitdangerous.hu commanders with the first center of operations in the Munfayl region.

When the SSL was officially introduced to the game the headquarters were established in Tawilo. With slightly later introduction and challenges in initial BGS operations (second system was an anarchy with challenges generating combat zones and the third system being more than 25 light years away from the expansion system that took months to find without the tools available today in game and in third party sites) SSL had the challenge to catch up with major BGS player factions.

Career Progression

SSL added a career progression, award and monitoring system to the already existing coordination and briefing system. It was the beginning of the "spreadsheet days" when system monitoring, task completion reports and award and rank progression were tracked and triggered by spreadsheet entries and calculations.

The progression within SSL was established as a meritocratic system where carrying out various tasks based on the briefing (and submission of proper proofs) awarded a calculated amount of award points. Two of the awards (development, research & monitoring) are linked to the two branches of rank progression, others (merits of defense, art, community, etc.) are independent from ranks. There are 3 levels of ranks (2 of them with significance in access level) and 4 levels of each awards. The spreadsheets provided tactical feedback of faction level progression and personal award and rank progression. There was a semi-automatic method to display commanders' uniforms with awards or ribbons (graphic design was made by CMDR Vito Stark). System monitoring data is also available since SSL's first expansion. Detailed research was carried out in four designated research systems on the effects of various activities on BGS.

With extremely disciplined BGS activities and avoiding being in the highlight SSL rapidly caught up with leading BGS factions. Subsequent Elite Dangerous versions proved to be significant turning points both in BGS and SSL strategy. When boom state did not prevent expansion anymore BGS became more accessible to all player minor factions. The introduction of the new expansion mechanics enabled player factions to perfectly control expansion targets and directions (without interference of course). SSL changed it's core strategy to specialize in systems with a population in the billions

Cmmanders log

Another turning point was the introduction of the Commanders Log in Elite Dangerous. The spreadsheet system with tremendous human labor costs was hardly sustainable by then.

At first a simple standalone software was developed that summed up the award points for commanders by award type based on the commanders log and it involved manual submission by commanders. Currently there is a software infrastructure still in testing that is based on thick clients used by SSL testers, a server and an analyst and management suite. The clients and the server provides briefing, monitoring, awarding and PMF management functions. The clients provide other services like BGS based speech feedback, surface navigation aid, engineering and exploration tools and a mission engine among others. The analyst and management suite supports BGS/map visualization, qualitative and quantitative BGS and spatial analyses and planning functions.