Information and FAQ for Player Factions

Technical and Legal Information

Why is there an official census if the unofficial results are known?

The short answer is that the unofficial results are most probably fairly inaccurate and also lack the authorization and active participation from the player factions. Why are the results inaccurate? The data of various systems of the listed factions does not reflect a consistent state at a single date, or rather a single tick of the Background Simulation of Elite Dangerous (BGS). In extreme cases months could have elapsed between two system submissions to the EDDB that are summed up in a single unofficial census evaluation. Not only the influence values might change in these periods but also system control and faction presence.

How should I obtain consent of my player minor faction for entering the census?

The short answer is according to the customs or regulations of your player minor faction. If you have a procedure for faction decisions regulated, please follow that procedure. If your usual way to make decisions about your faction is to make a vote, notification, raise a question, or something else, please do that. If you are an appointed leader with authorization to make such decisions, then you're welcome to submit the entry on your own. Please note that the census organizers have no means to check whether these customs/regulations were followed and are not liable for any entries.

How should a sample be be submitted to provide consistent data?

If you submit your data via EDDB you need to make sure to update the data of all the systems your faction is present in within a single tick. The easiest way to do that is to launch ED Market Connector (EDMC) or another program that feeds Elite Dangerous Commanders Log system data to EDDB (EDDN) and hyperjump to each systems your faction is present in within a single tick (15:45 UTC to 15:15 UTC the next day) and before EDDB API is updated (04:00 AM, second day: see next question). You can check whether all your presence systems are in EDDB and are updated in the Minor Factions page of EDDB by entering your faction's name to the "Jump to a minor faction" field, clicking the "Find Minor Faction" button and scrolling through your faction's systems checking the update times in the end of each systems' headers.

What sampling date should I set on the Great Galactic Census entry submission form?

This is a crucial question. Provided that you have prepared your systems to Day 1, the BGS ticks at Day 1 15:15-15:45 UTC and now the Elite Dangerous client and the ED Commanders Log reflects the data you want to submit. The EDDB API the census uses refreshes faction data some time after Day 2 04:00 UTC and system data some time after Day 2 06:00 UTC. The census engine refreshes EDDB API data at Day 2 07:00 UTC. That is the date that should be used for the census entry.

Example: You fire up your market connector and visit all your systems between the 15:45 UTC on 15th of May and 04:00 UTC on the 16th of May. You should set your census sampling date to the 16th of May in the census faction entry form. Important! Do not make your roundtrip in your systems between 04:00 UTC and 13:00 UTC, because your data will not be reflected in the EDDB API and your efforts will be in vain. (It could be reflected as an old tick data, but that cannot be used for the census.) If your census entry does not reflect a single tick, it might be omitted from the final census results.

What happens if I set a past date for the census sampling?

The latest tick's data will be used.

What happens if I resubmit an entry for the census?

The resubmission will overwrite the old sampling data. Be careful: if you set a past date for the census sampling the latest tick's data will be used.

Why is not my faction included in the Census Motion Picture?

We kindly ask for your understanding as there was no way technically or visually to cover all the more than a thousand PMFs in the video.

We selected some categories of PMFs (PMFs with many or large presence or control systems, PMFs with diplomatic relations to SSL or more of these categories) and picked some from each category to display. PMF visualization is based on in-game data at the time of the preparation of the video.